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Mission & Goals

  • Our Mission is to train and develop our people into the most well rounded professionals by instilling in them a strong work ethic and a purpose to always act with integrity and honesty. We strive to create a competitive environment that entices people to win both in and outside the office.
  • Our goal is to be the largest outsourced consulting firm in North America and we plan to reach our goal by focusing on new acquisition for our client by building interpersonal relationships, face to face with our customers.

Superb Client Services

Our passion for development allows our team to be a top notch choice for your brand.

Expand Market Share

Expand Market Share

Our team delivers results in any market you need.

New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions

We obtain new customers for our clients on a daily basis.



We know you want new customers, but our team also has one of the highest customer retention rates in the country.



We train 100% of our staff so you don't have to. We do that through in house, online, and hands on training.



If we didn't provide spectacular results, our clients wouldn't stick around. We ensure we are delivering on our targets and goals.



MG8 Cleveland has a ton of support from our client and our broker. We are able to meet and exceed expectations with our resources.

We are Creative

We don't micromanage. The staff at MG8 is given the ability to think outside of the box and use their resourcefulness to solve problems.

Best Skill

With years of a proven track record, we are really able to hone in on our skills to get you the results you need.


Our team works with integrity and deserves all of the recognition they get. It's no wonder the client wanted this team here in Cleveland.

We Are Award Winning

We may be small, but we are fighters. We fight to be number one. Our team is competitive and is constantly winning awards.
To name a few, the team has won:
- Top performers award
- Trips to various locations
- Client awards and recognition

Developmental Training

In house, hands-on, and online training allows our team to stay ahead of the competition and bring you the best results.


Online, visible training for our crew allows us to know each and every one of your products and gives us the knowledge to speak on them.

Classroom Training

We are in the classroom to answer any questions, learn about upcoming opportunities, and develop a strong sense of your brand.

Hands-on Training

Our team learns by doing so we offer hands on training with the customer with a coach right by your side.


Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. We take your brand and treat it as our own.

Constant Development

Through meetings, conference calls, books, and more, MG8 Cleveland is giving our team all of the resources to succeed. We train in business management, leadership, finance, time management, sales, marketing, and on-boarding.

Team Oriented

Our team is like family (just ask our CEO). If our team is developing and delivering results, we are growing as individuals and as a firm.

Team Review

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Our Culture

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We Are MG8

Our team is the reason for our success. Learn more about them, their backgrounds, and where we are headed.


At MG8 Cleveland, our team is responsible for generating new and maintaining old customers for our clients, as well as building relationships with them, face to face.

Every client has different goal and expectations. Our objective is to handle the marketing and sales consulting for them, as well as new business development and retention.

No. To date, our company has never represented a client that meets with potential customer at their homes.

We work business hours beginning at 8 am and ending at 5 pm.

Our territory includes the entire northern half of Ohio, but the majority of our customers are located in the Cleveland area. Territories are assigned specifically to employees within a 30-45 mile radius on the office.

Yes. We offer two compensation packages, the first is a base salary and the second is based off of performance where employees have the opportunity to earn more in commission, bonus' and residual income. Our compensation is always competitive with industry averages.

Yes, we promote only from within. Our employees have the opportunity to be promoted to a management position in under a year.

No. This is not a multilevel or pyramid marketing that requires any start up costs or investments. We provide extensive training internally regarding all tools and systems necessary to be successful in the company.

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